In this Podcast recording, we got to speak with Piia Hanhirova, the Project Manager at Forum Virium Helsinki on their use case within the smashHit project. Forum Virium Helsinki is the Innovation Company of the City of Helsinki. Forum Virium aims to build Helsinki into the most functional smart city in the world in collaboration with companies, the scientific community, and residents including working with smashHit as a consortium member on the project. Their focus areas are smart city, smart mobility, and open data & IoT. Forum Virium is fully owned by the City of Helsinki and its operations are funded by the City of Helsinki and different EU projects.

Forum Virium Helsinki is one of the founding members of MyData Global and has a long history of promoting the use of open data. In their work, they help the city of Helsinki to produce, utilise and share the best open data in the world and develop the most innovative digital services by following the MyData principles

Forum Virium Helsinki (FVH) is a non-profit enterprise owned by the City of Helsinki and founded in 2006. As part of the City of Helsinki Group, FVH is an innovation unit playing a key role in developing and implementing the Smart City and Open City strategies of the City of Helsinki. Helsinki has been recognised as one of the top six smart cities in Europe in the 2014 European Parliament study “Mapping the European Smart Cities”. Helsinki is among the ten fastest-growing metropolitan areas in Europe. FVH implements the Helsinki smart city strategy in the new urban development projects, coordinating the development of the Kalasatama Smart City District and other initiatives.


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Forum Virium & Smart Cities Use Case