• D8.4 Dissemination and Communication Report (M36)
  • This deliverable reports on the outcomes of 36 months of the project for dissemination, communication and community building (period: January 2020-December 2022). It is an updated version of M18 report with final assessment of KPIs. It shows the methodology followed, the instruments and mechanisms used to raise the project awareness, the collaboration policy with other projects and related stakeholders and interested groups. It reports on the KPIs for assessing the progress and impact in the due formal reports. List of events, conferences, interest groups, open-source communities, online press, journals, social networks, etc. where the project have taken part at, is included.

D8.4 Dissemination and Communication Report (M36)

Deliverable D8.4 provides the dissemination and communication report for the 36 months of the smashHit Horizon 2020 EU project. smashHit recognises that awareness needs to be raised and achieves this by providing meaningful information in informative and engaging ways. Collaboration and communication are vital for achieving a good dissemination outcome. An appropriate dissemination strategy has been presented in detail in D8.1 “Dissemination and Communication Plan” (M3) [1], and this deliverable is basing
on it, and is, de-facto its updated version, and is describing the implementation of this plan up to now.

The detailed objectives of the project dissemination and communication activity, as described in the smashHit project were:

  • To widely disseminate and communicate the project concept, developments and findings to identified stakeholders using effective communication means and strategies.
  • By using existing communities related to the project interact with them to disseminate project results,get their feedback and integrating our results in them when possible.
  • Dissemination and Communication Report (pdf)
    Dissemination Activities (excel sheet December 2022)